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Applications of Linux & Database FundamentalsSelf enrolment

Welcome to the webinar series 

This webinar series is designed to help you build on the foundational skills learnt during the course and provide an opportunity to further expand your technical skills.

Webinar Structure

Please note that there are a total of 8 webinars in this series and each one is focused towards providing a hands-on experience. We expect students to diligently follow all the webinars and perform the hands-on exercises associated with it. The resource material is shared for your reference. Enrol now to start your viewing the webinars.


Galgotias UniversitySelf enrolment

Program Name

Program on Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Computing (AI & HPC).

Program Description

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High-Performance Computing (HPC) Program is designed for all engineering disciplines. In a world fueled by humongous amount of data, processes like Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and HPC are almost indispensable. This niche program particularly aims to impart these quintessential skills to the participants. This is done by using the latest tools and platforms to visualise the power of AI & HPC, and how it can be used to speed up processes.

The program is sectioned into three parts:

• Part 1: Five-day long intensive, hands-on workshop on Data Analytics and Machine Learning Algorithms by FICE trainers.

• Part 2: Five-day long intensive, hands-on workshop on High Performance Computing and Deep Learning Algorithms by FICE trainers.

• Part 3: Project implementation on chosen problem statement by the students


Students will have several opportunities to earn certificates in this program. The certification levels include:

• Qualifying in the post-workshop assessment (at the end of ten days): Participant will earn a certificate co-branded by Intel

and FICE

• Projection completion certificate: Upon submission of a Video of the working Model along with the Project Report

Program Curriculum

The purpose of the AI & HPC program is to provide engineering students with the opportunity to apply their engineering

knowledge to build employability skills. The goal of this program is to accelerate engineering students from degree completion to

employment smoothly.

Program Outcomes

At the end of this program, students will be able to:

• Become proficient with Python programming and use it to develop applications.

• Use data analytics tools and technologies with ease.

• Utilise open-source, powerful machine learning, deep learning and AI packages and libraries.

• Appreciate and acknowledge high-performance computing as a significant tool in the current industry.

• Translate data-driven insights into decisions and actions.

• Draft a project plan to develop end to end solution.

• Build a network of engineering and industry professional colleagues.

• Communicate in a professional manner.

• Build skills to increase employability.

• Work effectively on a team to achieve a goal.

• Solve problems using critical thinking.


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